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The daily wine

Your everyday red wine—-fragrant, simple, natural, the red wine to uncork with friends, for a wine glass brimming with pleasure. Renosu, which means sandy in our language, was born from the idea of the traditional custom, for everyday wines, of combining wines of different red grapes.


Renosu Rosso has a ruby colour with a garnet rim. The aromatic bouquet is defined by scents of mulberry, candied cherry, coffee powder and graphite, along with with mediterranean scents of myrtle, olive pâté and rosemary as well as pleasant and perfectly integrated vinous notes. The entry on the palate is round and immediate, promptly invigorated by the marked savoury tone and the delicate tannic texture, in a progression consistent with the olfactory sensations. Renosu Rosso is a spontaneous interpretation of exceptional typicality, accessible and satisfying at the same time.

Food pairing: Renosu Rosso is best paired with medium-structured dishes
aromatised with mediterranean herbs, as well as with medium-aged cow’s milk cheeses and cured meats, stewed lamb and rabbit. This is a versatile red wine that can also be served with seafood dishes such as complex swordfish preparations, baby octopus in tomato sauce, tasty fish soups or with Luciana-style octopus.

Renosu Rosso


Concrete and Glass.

Ingredients, additives and adjuvants:

Grape, sulphites.

Bottles produced:


Suitable for Vegans.

No foods, ingredients, adjuvants, manufacturing auxiliaries of animal origin were used. Furthermore, no processing aids, filters, membranes and other manufacturing aids of animal origin were used throughout the production cycle.


Allow the bottle to rest after transport delivery and the to rest a bit in the glass. Enjoy cool at 13°C.Possible sediment and CO2 are natural. Every bottle will necessarily be different.

We guarantee every single bottle. 


3-5 years.