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Tenores both asks the question and gives the answer, byrevealing and describing, right from the initial sip, its terroir of origin. Its harmonious proportions showcase both its heartycharacter and its delicate, fine-grained tannins, the alcoholic warmth of its palate as well as the tangycrispness of blueberry and the medicinal herbs of the local Mediterranean scrubland. Balance: untutored, spontaneous, and natural.

Our Tenores is all this: A harmonious, vibrant song bornof the earth.


Tenores 2017 shows a seductive transparent ruby colour tending towards garnet. The energy of the bouquet floods from the glass, evoking vivid scents of marasca cherries in alcohol, black cherry, bramble flowers, dark caramel, coffee and cinnamon flower, adorned with soft hints of tar and chilli chocolate./span>

The correspondence on the palate is exemplary, where satisfying softness, decisive freshness and incisive sapidity coexist in harmony with noble and supple tannins. The aftertaste lingers on balsamic and chocolatey sensations that invite new tastings. A pure expression that reveals a nimble agility despite its imposing structure, in an articulate and vibrant combination of extraordinary territoriality.

Food pairing: 2017 Tenores is a distinctly gastronomic red wine, to be enhanced at the table with succulent and spicy red meat and venison dishes, as well as with long-aged cheeses and cured meats and particularly rich dishes of beef entrails. A red wine that can also be enjoyed on its own, as a meditation wine at the end of a meal.


Current vintage:




Terroir e Denomination:

Romangia, Igt Rosso.




Badde Nigolosu.




Low-bush Alberello.


Natural approach. Our work in the vineyards follows the principles, processes, and methods that nature itself uses. The wine is fermented and aged in concrete vats with noadded yeast, additives, or supplements. The wine’s chemicalmakeup was not adjusted, nor was it filtred, clarified, or aged in oak.


44 months in Concrete and Glass.

Ingredients, additives and adjuvants:


Bottles produced:


Vintages not produced:

2004, 2007, 2008, 2011.

Suitable for Vegans.

No foods, ingredients, adjuvants, manufacturing auxiliaries of animal origin were used. Furthermore, no processing aids, filters, membranes and other manufacturing aids of animal origin were used throughout the production cycle.


Allow the bottle to rest after transport delivery and the to rest a bit in the glass. Enjoy cool at 13°C.Possible sediment and CO2 are natural. Every bottle will necessarily be different.

We guarantee every single bottle.


20-25 years.