“If being a Homo sapiens sapiens means looking but not observing, eating but not tasting, hearing but not listening, smelling but not enjoying a scent… well then, I am proud to be a Homo sapiens sapiens and nothing more.

I feel myself an animal just like the other animals. Part of planet earth and of the universe. I want to be an animal with that minimum of rationality necessary for my free will. That is why I make wine… it is the method I know for making me feel what I am: instinctually an animal.”

“I do not follow the market; I make wines that please me, wine of my own local area, wines of Sennori.
They are what they have to be and not what you want them to be.”

1996 – Natural Winegrowers In Sardinia


Romangia is a geographical area within Logudoro, which in the Sard language means “luogo dorato,” or golden place, since it is considered Sardinia’s most fertile area..

Badde Nigolosu

Badde Nigolosu is our Cru, a natural amphitheater on the highest hills in the in the Sennori’s Town. Badde Nigolosu is a sub-zone of Romangia and our own property..


Then my father and I select out the best clusters on a custom-built steel sorting table. The grapes are de-stemmed but not crushed, then the must macerates..


Guests can visit the Tenute and taste our wines. The tasting can follow your lunch or dinner. You can buy our wines.