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Renosu Bianco

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The wine for everyday enjoyment.

An intensely aromatic wine, straight forward and uncomplicated, pure pleasure in a wineglass. Enjoy chilled. Renosu, which in our local language mean sandy, is not new, but traditional here: marrying together complex acidity with the intense sweetness is a pleasurable custom.


Renosu Bianco expresses a singular coppery golden colour, crystalline and bright.
The nose presents fine and fragrant scents of ripe pear, nectarine, white flowers,fennel and mediterranean shrub, combined by hints of pastry reminiscent of butter and cinnamon. The whole is supported by clear marine sensations, in a sweet and mineral context. The taste is enveloping, soft and dinamic at the same time, with a nice savoury trail accompanying the honeyed and floreal finish. A pure and extremely pleasant expression, with a great harmony.

Food pairing: We recommend pairing Renosu Bianco to well-structured fish dishes,creamy risottos or assorted medium-aged cheeses. It is also ideal with tempura, vegetable quiches, legume creams with seafood and not overly spiced Thai cuisine.

Renosu Bianco


Concrete and Glass.

Ingredients, additives and adjuvants:

Grape, sulphites.

Bottles produced:


Suitable for Vegans.

No foods, ingredients, adjuvants, manufacturing auxiliaries of animal origin were used. Furthermore, no processing aids, filters, membranes and other manufacturing aids of animal origin were used throughout the production cycle.


Allow the bottle to rest after transport delivery and the to rest a bit in the glass. Enjoy cool at 13°C.Possible sediment and CO2 are natural. Every bottle will necessarily be different.

We guarantee every single bottle. 


3-5 years.

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