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The classic appearance of our Dettori Bianco is golden.Firm structure, succulent, crisp acidity; balsamic notes of juniper, lentisk, and artemisia; vibrant and aromatic, satisfying both the nose and the eyes.


In the glass, Dettori Bianco 2020 reveals an antique gold colour, palpable and
radiant. The olfactory picture is sunny and joyful, painted by sweet scents that recall tangerine peel, candied apricot, dandelion honey, helichrysum, macerated flowers and chestnut, enriched by hints of straw, white pepper and brackish breeze. Overwhelming, dry and full on the palate, where the warm embrace is well supported by citrusy freshness and a penetrating saline vein.

The endless finish evokes marine notes and perceptions of ginger and flowers, accompanied by a soft and sweet tannic sensation. An expression of refined and overflowing character, able to combine fluency and expressive richness.

Food pairing: Dettori Bianco 2020 is a gastronomic label that demands a structured pairing. First courses with porcini mushrooms or white meat sauce, pasta with white meat, fried lamb, rabbit pie, “ossobuco alla Milanese” and “veal Blanquette” are good suggestions. One could dare pairing Dettori Bianco 2020 with eel in teriyaki sauce or with first courses with sea urchins.

Dettori Bianco

Current vintage:




Terroir e Denomination:

Romangia, Igt Bianco.




Badde Nigolosu.


Dettori Bianco.


Low-bush Alberello.


Natural approach. Our work in the vineyards follows the principles, processes, and methods that nature itself uses. The wine is fermented and aged in concrete vats with noadded yeast, additives, or supplements. The wine’s chemicalmakeup was not adjusted, nor was it filtred, clarified, or aged in oak.


7 months in Concrete and Glass.

Ingredients, additives and adjuvants:


Bottles produced:


Vintages not produced:


Suitable for Vegans.

No foods, ingredients, adjuvants, manufacturing auxiliaries of animal origin were used. Furthermore, no processing aids, filters, membranes and other manufacturing aids of animal origin were used throughout the production cycle.


Allow the bottle to rest after transport delivery and the to rest a bit in the glass. Enjoy cool at 13°C.Possible sediment and CO2 are natural. Every bottle will necessarily be different.

We guarantee every single bottle.


20-25 years.

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