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Its rounded smoothness, like the eager caress of a time-worn hand, or a colourful favourite shawl, enfolds thepalate, and its elegant savouriness, sincere and genuine,warms your soul, recalling to mind dear memories andprecious experiences. Exciting, compulsive even, its charms can overwhelm.

Such is our Dettori: The irresistible delicacy of the truthof an area marked by the marvellous.

Here is a wine that is archaic as no other, one expressing timeless culture and wisdom, a wine belonging to the past yet to our present as well, a wine forgotten by all.

Taste Dettori and you embark on an anthropological journey into the Romangia and wine-rich Sardinia.

Vintage 2016

In the glass, 2016 Dettori Rosso has a bright ruby colour with faint garnet hues.

The breadth and intensity of the olfactory panorama are astounding, with notes of sour cherry, myrtle, essence of violet and lavender, lentisk, mint and thyme, which blend with deep sensations of cocoa, carob, graphite and black pepper.

The enciting development is nourished by the antagonism between the softness, given by the warmth and the delicate residual sugar, the fresh-savoury verve and the melting tannic texture. The whole is combined in a context of surprising balance and great taste-olfactory correspondence, with a never-ending finish.

An interpretation that demonstrates how power and elegance can coexist, giving rise to a harmonious and unique combination, able to evoke the indomitable spirit of Sardinia.

Food pairing: Dettori Rosso 2016 should be paired with foods that complement its structure and personality, such as venison dishes, “Dolceforte hare”, stuffed meats, pigeon casserole and recipes with the fifth quarter.


Current vintage:




Terroir e Denomination:

Romangia, Igt Rosso.




Badde Nigolosu.




Low-bush Alberello.


Natural approach. Our work in the vineyards follows the principles, processes, and methods that nature itself uses. The wine is fermented and aged in concrete vats with noadded yeast, additives, or supplements. The wine’s chemicalmakeup was not adjusted, nor was it filtred, clarified, or aged in oak.


57 months in Concrete and Glass.

Ingredients, additives and adjuvants:


Bottles produced:


Vintages not produced:

2003, 2006, 2008 e 2014.

Suitable for Vegans.

No foods, ingredients, adjuvants, manufacturing auxiliaries of animal origin were used. Furthermore, no processing aids, filters, membranes and other manufacturing aids of animal origin were used throughout the production cycle.


Allow the bottle to rest after transport delivery and the to rest a bit in the glass. Enjoy cool at 13°C.Possible sediment and CO2 are natural. Every bottle will necessarily be different.

We guarantee every single bottle.


20-25 years.